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Where do I obtain/submit an application?

You may obtain an application at our office (730 Tennessee Street, Vallejo), online Click here for application, or at any showing you attend. NO ONLINE THIRD-PARTY APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. All applications must be submitted in person at our office. There is an after-hours drop box on the front porch should you not be able to submit during office hours. There is a $20 fee PER APPLICATION.

Who needs to submit an application?

Any person aged 18 or older must submit an application. All applicants must be approved, or the entire prospective rental party will be denied. Applicant signatures are required on page 2 of the application, or we will not legally be able to process the application. There is a $20 fee PER APPLICATION.

What are the requirements for tenants?

1.  Credit Report: There is a $20 fee for each applicant to pay for a credit report. We look at the reasons why your credit score is the number it is. Your credit score does not have to be perfect, but if it is below 500 you most likely will not be approved. We recommend obtaining your own credit report before applying so you know what will be on the report we obtain ourselves. We will not accept a credit report you obtain yourself for the elimination of the $20 fee.

2.  Rental History: The more rental history you provide the better. Full former addresses, landlord names, and landlord phone numbers are required. Should you not have any rental history, an increased deposit will be charged. Should you have an eviction on your rental history, you will be disqualified immediately.

3.  Income: Please submit proof of income for 2 months with your application. Paystubs or bank statements will suffice. Income should be at least twice the amount of rent.

I have a co-signer/guarantor, what do they need to submit?

We do not accept co-signers/guarantors for any property. Anyone submitting an application MUST live at the property.

How can I check on the status of my application?

Processing may take a week or more. PLEASE do not call repeatedly to check on the status. That will only delay the process further. Generally, if you have not received a phone call with a week, you have not been chosen or have been denied. If either is the case, a letter will be mailed to you.

What do “Not Chosen” and “Denied” mean?

Not Chosen = There were numerous qualified applicants, and we can only choose one. We will keep your application on file for 1 year. There will be no need to submit a new application should you be interested in any future available rentals we may have.

Denied = Information we obtained in the processing of your application disqualified you. You will not be approved for any future available rentals either.

How long will the property be available?

There is no set time. Depending on the number of qualified applicants, it may be as little as one (1) week. Refer to original advertising for the application submission deadline.

When can I move in?

Any property that is advertised will be move-in ready within a week of the application submission deadline. We will generally hold a unit for no more than TWO (2) weeks for an approved applicant.

How long will the open house be?

All scheduled showing are specific times, NOT OPEN HOUSES. Please arrive promptly, allowing time for travel and to find parking. Parking is not allowed in the driveway, lot, or alley of any property. If you arrive late, do not expect the person showing the property to stay later.

Can I schedule a private showing of a rental?

Unless otherwise stated, no personal/private showings of a property will be scheduled. This is due to the high volume of response we get to most properties.

What is included with the rent?

Refer to the original advertising to see what utilities, if any, are included with the rent.

What is the deposit?

Generally, the deposit will be the same amount as a month’s rent. It could be up to twice as much as the rent, depending on your rental history and credit report.

What is the length of the lease?

Unless otherwise stated, leases are 6 months then month-to-month thereafter.

Are pets allowed?

Refer to the original advertising. Service animals are always accepted, as long as you have documentation and certification for the animal. There will be an additional deposit for any pet that is accepted.

Do you accept “Section 8” or other housing assistance programs?

All applicants are considered, regardless of the source of their rent payment.

How big is/what is the square footage?

To avoid misinformation or confusion, we do not provide the size of any residence. You may measure the room sizes yourself at any showing you attend.